Monday, March 19, 2012

Well, we couldn't make it 3rd time lucky today.

Pionsat's 2nd XI were away at Le Quartier this afternoon in a match that they really needed to win. They had a strong line-up today as well.

It all went pear-shaped early in the 1st half when Le Quartier took the lead thanks to some powder-puff Pionsat defending. Luckily Pionsat held them at bay for the rest of that half.

The second-half started in a most astonishing fashion. Le Quartier took the kickoff, Pionsat intercepted, went upfield and a substitute who had come on after the interval, scored with his first kick. From the restart, one of the Pionsat players intercepted the ball, went four paces upfield and blasted a rocket into the Le Quartier net off the inside of the post.

It wasn't to last though. Le Quartier were going forward relentlessly and Pionsat were careless with the ball in possession in defence. François performed heroics in goal, the woodwork came to Pionsat's rescue on several occasions, and the Le Quartier attack was way off target on many occasions. But nevertheless, two more balls found their way into Pionsat's net, one of them cruelly in stoppage time.

For years I've been complaining about the Pionsat 2nd XI's defence. They now have a good goalkeeper but that's about it, really. And with the exception of Gaëtan, this was the strongest team that they could possibly put out. But with yet another defeat against mediocre opposition I am really fearing the worst. 

And winter is back. When I checked earlier, it was a mere 1.4°C. Quite a far cry from the 12°C night-time temperatures of just recently.

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