Sunday, April 15, 2012

Here's a good photo.

Or, at least, it would have been in the goalkeeper of the Chimps had been wearing a more visible kit and the weather had been so much better. It's not every day that I've been able to catch a keeper in full flight.

The difference is that I've recently upgraded the memory cards that I use. I still have the cheap rubbish but I've spent some money buying two 4gb cards of the quickest writing speed available and while the difference between 1/250 of a second and 1/40 of a second might not be very much, it is enough when it really counts.

But it was a miserable day at the football. Cold, wet, grey and windy. But that's enough about me. The weather was the same. Everyone was soaked to the skin, even the three spectators in the stand. The result was nothing to cheer about either. All in all, a bad weekend for the club.

In fact, this will be the last time that I see them this season. Matches next weekend are cancelled due to the General Election, and the following Tuesday evening I'm on my way. I hope that they can manage without me.

Now you might remember this thing. I've told you about it, but I haven't shown you a pic of it. It's the external speaker thing for the notebook, the one with the built-in battery. It also has a slot for a micro-SD card as I might have said, and in a flash of inspiration I remembered a mis-order that we had made a few years ago at the 7-Day Shop and ended up with a couple of 1gb micro-SD cards.

Much to my surprise I managed to find them amongst all of the rubbish here (and finding the missing blank 4gb full-size card as well) and so I recorded a pile  of music onto them. Did you know that you can fit about 35 albums onto a 1gb memory card if you record at 56kbs, by the way? Anyway, the machine reads the cards and plays the music, impressively too, I have to say. No menu, just one ofter the other, and it won't recharge while it's playing. Minor problems, seeing as it cost just €9:99 from LIDL. This will be coming with me on the 'plane.

In other news, I lit the fire up here tonight, with the temperature a very damp and wet 13.6°C. I was debating about doing it, and then I remembered that it was Sunday night - pizza night - and I could cook the pizza and the garlic bread in the oven up here. And so I did. And with the wood having been up here for three months drying out, it burned a treat as well.

But it's like flaming winter again here. 12.5mm of rain today. Whatever next? 

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