Friday, April 6, 2012

I've had another day of being indoors

Yes, I've been hard at it today. And I've been working as well. I mentioned briefly last night that I needed to look around for another subject to discuss on the radio for when we finish "speeding convictions" and as chance would have it the Postie brought me one of these little magazines that the bank sends me every so often.

This month there was tons of stuff in it, and there was also another little magazine that comes out every few months as a supplement, entitled "Family Matters". And by 'eck wasn't there some good stuff in there too?

They did one a year ago which was "40 typical situations in France - true or false?" I copied those out and embellished them quite considerably, but I noticed in this magazine today that there were several readers' questions. I've selected a couple of those and added them to the list of qestions - by the looks of things I can keep that going for ever if it keeps on like this.

But there were two subjects in there concerning important matters of everyday life in France that are treated quite differently from in the UK. So what I've done today is to dash off a quick 31kb of information about one of them. That took most of the day and there's more to add as well. We normally do about 3 or 4 kb of information per programme so that's about 8 programmes, plus whatever else I can haven't added in yet. That should all keep the ball rolling for while I'm away and also for when I come back too for the first month. I've also made a start on the additional information for the recording session when I come back.

Then, of course, there's the second topic. I won't do that right now though - I'm going to have a rest for a bit once I've finished what's on hand. I deserve it.

But I tell you what - sitting here with a pile of papers, extracting relevant information, turning it into a play for two actors - we were discussing on a "social network" the other day the benefits that we gained from studying with the Open University. I wouldn't have been able to do too much of this preparation for the radio without having had the kind of preparation that I was taught at the University, that's for sure.

And another small matter that is worthy of note - all the paperwork that I receive is in legalese French. I have to translate it all into vernacular English in my head while I'm doing it. I just thought that I would mention that.

And that's not all I did today either. Liz rang me up and asked me to run an errand round to some clients of Terry's who live nearby. Then Percy Penguin (who doesn't feature half as much in these pages as she might) rang up for a chat, and then Dave from Hexham rang up with further information from yesterday and to give me a job of work to do for Sunday.

And to think that I came to live here for a rest! Still, it keeps me out of mischief.   

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