Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've not been out much ...

... today either. It's another day where I've been working on radio stuff - this is fast becoming a full-time job.

With the aim of getting as far ahead as possible, I've been concentrating on the Radio Arverne programmes. As you know, these are in four parts - namely the events (organised by Liz), the selected track of the week (just grab the nearest CD and look for something about 3 minutes long), the practical information, and the additional notes - namely useful French phrases, a recipe and gardening hints.

What I did today until about 16:30 was 6 weeks worth of the additional notes. Get those out of the way.

After that I went outside for a few hours in the garden. I made up some tubs for the lavender, cleaned a few of the herb beds and planted the thyme and rosemary that I bought the other week. There was some rosemary in there that looked like it had died so I pulled it up - but the root system still looked good and healthy so I planted it in the cloche - let's see what it does there.

As well as that, I cleared out some of the space where I'll be planting the rose bushes, and I did some more weeding. With all of the rainfall after the weeks of beautiful sunny weather the weeds are going berserk.

I had a couple of phone calls this evening too. One from this guy in Canada and another one from Dave from Hexham, who contributes every so often to the comments on this blog. He is working right now on a new business idea and so we had a long chat about that - that is, until his phone card expired.

Tomorrow will be another morning in. I need to choose a new topic for the practical information for the radio programme and then write a pile of stuff about it. I'll have to go through a pile of magazines and journals that I have here and see what I can find.

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