Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've hardly been out ...

... of the house all day. I've been busy writing radio programmes.

We're launching a new series of programmes on Radio Tartasse on Thursday and Sunday evenings at 20:00 - what is known under the generic term of AOR, or album-orientated rock music. Two programmes every month - one which will feature just album tracks with some kind of chat in between the tracks, and the other which features a 5-minute introduction and then 55 minutes of one particular group doing a selection of live tracks that I edit and cobble together to make it a kind of live show.

It was the kind of thing that I reckoned would be pretty straightforward and easy seeing the size of my record collection and the amount of useless information that has collected inside my head, but it's far from it. It's taking much more time than I imagined. I've been at it all day from about 11:00 and I've managed to do 4 programmes.

We've already recorded four of them - for the months of April and May, but I want to get well ahead while the getting is good and so I wrote another four - two months' worth - and we'll be recording them in due course.

And that's it, really. Nothing else. Doesn't time fly quickly when you are enjoying yourself?

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