Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've seen some bad football matches ...

... in my time, but I was totally taken aback by the one that I saw this evening.

Phone call at 19:00 to tell me that the floodlights at Pionsat hadn't been fixed and so the game planned for this evening is to be played tomorrow afternoon. That had me at a loose end this evening and with no footy at Marcillat, a quick glance at the scheduling told me that there was a Regional Elite game at St Gervais where the home team was to play Orcines.

I'd never seen a Regional Elite game and so I went for a wander down there, and to be quite honest I'm not sure that it was worth the effort. St Gervais were pretty dire and Orcines weren't much better, even though they had a couple of veterans playing up front who had clearly done this kind of thing at a much higher level a few years ago, although these days their zimmer frames were something of a danger to the other players on the field. Add to that the fact that the St Gervais keeper was having a real off-day (he surely can't play like that at this level each week, can he?) and a 3-0 victory for the visitors was almost a foregone conclusion.

After that I popped round to Liz and Terry's where some ginger cake needed eating, and then back here.

This morning though, I had to write the text for two radio shows. It's getting all exciting with a new series of programmes, but it's much more work than I ever managed it to be. I popped into St Eloy for shopping, and excelled myself. 6 small shrubs that will (I hope) grow into a hedge at the back of the raised beds, 6 rose bushes to make a hedge just outside here, some rosemary and thyme plants and a couple of lavender bushes. I can't believe that I'm buying things like this. It isn't like me at all to buy flowers - I suppose that it is symbolic of how much I am becoming settled here.

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