Saturday, March 31, 2012

We were radioing today ...

... and so that involved a trip to Gerzat. In the gorgeous glorious sunshine as well, even though it was less hot today.

This morning was therefore printing stuff off, and then going to pick up Liz. We recorded 5 programmes, ao as to get ourselves well ahead of the game seeing as I'm having serious thoughts about going for a holiday again. And then back home, via Liz's to drop her off and for some coffee and ginger cake.

On the way back I stopped off at the birdwatching place to take a few pics with the new zoom lens that I bought a while ago. Again, it's manual focus and that is causing a few diffficulties, and I'm beginning to realise that this was not the best of my decisions.

Only one of the photos was worth keeping, and this was a shot of the church at Gouttières, about 10 miles away. and you can see, running from to centre to mid-right the road that I take when I go home.

So, like the 50mm lens, it will work and do the business once I can work out how to get it to do what I want.

Back here, I had the TV on again and watched a DVD of Steppenwolf live at Louisville, Kentucky. I bought this ages ago but the little DVD player didn't go it justice. This one though is magnificent and the sound, turned right up as befits any rock concert, is the best CD-type of stereo player that I have around here.

I just hope that this TV lasts the pace. If I can get 5 years out of it, it will be excellent.

But one thing about this Steppenwolf concert - there are only four musicians on stage. John Kay on vocals and guitar, another guitarist, a drummer and a keyboard player. No bassist. But never mind how you can possibly play "Born To Be Wild" and "Pusher" (to name but two tracks) without a bassist, there is nevertheless a bass being played there, and it's not being done on the foot pedals of the organ, as I once saw the famous bass line of Darkness (11/11) played on stage by Van Der Graaf Generator when they didn't have Nic Potter with them. It's definitely a bass guitar.

Overdubbing at a later date for the DVD? Perish the thought.

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