Monday, April 30, 2012

I've spent the last few days ...

... in Québec City. I've been through here a few times and I've always been hassled by the farces of law and order about parking issues and so on and while I've drive miles around the town I've never been able to stop and photograph it.

Until this year!

Arriving on a Saturday morning and with what promised to be a gorgeous weekend I threw caution to the winds and found a motel here in the Street of A Hundred Motels. Talking to the proprietor, he showed me the local bus stop and the bus took me to a terminus a few miles away where there is an express bus service right into the heart of the city. And so I've been on the buses.

140 or so photos of Québec City and the surroundings, piles of notes, and there we are. Trois Rivières last year, Halifax the year before, and now Québec City.

Anyway, I'm leaving here in a minute and off to the Charlevoix - the most beautiful area in the whole of Canada.

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