Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just a quick note

I'm just about to move away from where I spent the night last night - a cheapo transport motel about 25 miles west of Québec City. I've paid more money to stay in dives far worse than this, I'll tell you. and with snow flurries and a biting, freezing wind last night I thought discretion to be the better part of valour.

So after all of the shopping and so on, including finding a Ryobi plus-one 18 volt router (would you believe) in a damaged packaging in the Laval Home Depot for just $25, I left Montreal in the driving rain and feezing cold.

The night was spent just outside Repetigny on Highway 138 and the following morning I stumbled across Used Car Heaven that slowed me down for several hours.

What with the ones outside, there were probably 70 cars here, all in various stages of disrepair and all of them for sale.

Furthermore, they have a showroom of the finished product in Montreal and I have an invitation to go to visit them when I get back.

Apart from that, it's just been following Highway 138 - the chemin du roy from the 18th Century, equivalent of the Great North Road, and eventually I'll reach my destination. I'm in no rush.

Two interesting conversatiions today though -

In the Oxfam shop in Trois Rivières yesterday, a woman is trying out a small cast-iron skillet that must weigh a good 7 or 8 kilos -
Me - "I bet your husband knows who is in charge in your house if you have something like that"
Woman - "my husband has passed on, unfortunately"
Me - "so is that why you need a new cast-iron skillet?"
Woman - "not at all. However, I am looking for a new husband"
Me - "well, if you are buying a cast-iron skillet like that, I'm afraid you need to look at someone other than me"

Rhys - "there's a thunderstorm here"
Me - "it's snowing here"
Rhys - "you're in Canada, you pillock. It's always snowing there!"

Ahh well.

And so far, only a mere 135 photos. Must do better.

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