Thursday, April 19, 2012

This has been another day ...

... where I've hardly set foot out of the house.

I was sitting up here quietly minding my own business, like I do (sometimes) when I had a visitor. It concerns a bill which, according to the company concerned, has been outstanding since 2008. And I remember it well.

In fact, it was the 30th October 2008 when this guy came round before (now you see the advantages of keeping a blog) with a bill, and which I disputed at the time. and correspondence with the company concerned led to a revised bill being sent to me, which was paid (according to the cheque stubs) in January 2009. And now this guy wants paying again - for the October 2008 amount!

Original bill - yes I have that. Copies of correspondence - yes I have that too. Cheque stubs - yes I have them. Bank statement for January 2009 showng the cheque clearance - ... errrrr ....

So here's me on one hand trying to tidy up before I go, and on the other hand I have a huge mountain of papers all over the place and it looks as if a bomb has gone off in here - it really is embarrassing. I've found tons of stuff that I had forgotten - absolutely tons. And there's a pile of really useful stuff that has come to light too. But can I find this bank statement? And would you believe - it is the only one that is missing as well, and that is astonishing in itself.

This is going to be a long job.

Added to that, there's a change of schedule to our recording plans, and we are in the studio tomorrow. Isn't it a good job that I did all of the writing up the other week? But recording involves printing out over 40 sheets of paper and that takes an age. Add to that the letters that I need to write before I go away, and the stuff that I need to download for my journey on Wednesday, and it ended up being never-ending.

19:29 when I noticed what time it was. No wonder I'm getting all stressed out. I hate really do hate flying and I'm always thoroughly stressed out by the time I'm on board the plane. This year though, I seem to be starting a few days early.

What's not helping either is that where my 'plane will be landing, there will be a balmy 20°C and nice sunshine. 500 miles away, where my first port of call is to be, it will be -4°C and 20mm of snow. I'm thinking that I've done more intelligent things than this as well.

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