Thursday, April 19, 2012

I've finished the heavy work in the garden.

That's all that it's getting this year anyway. It can whistle for the rest.

If you compare this pic with the photo from a couple of days ago you'll be able to notice the new frame that I made this afternoon. The soil that is in it has been dug over, hoed, raked and then hoed again, and it's now covered up with a couple of offcuts of corrugated sheeting, for nothing is going to be planted in it until I come back and I don't want it running to weeds while I'm away.

I've also sown a huge pile of beans in one of the beds, a few more rows of peas in another, and in one of the beds for root vegetables I've sown another row of beetroot and a couple of rows of carrots.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be sowing some more brassica, some parsnips and some spinach, weeding both the cloches and that will be the garden finished until I come back. And when I come back, there will just be weeding to do and (hopefully) not much else. I'm glad I managed to do it all anyway but I can't wait to crack on with other stuff. I want to finish the lean-to this summer.

This morning I have been working on my website again and I've finally finished what I want to do - namely cross the St Lawrence from the Charlevoix to the Gaspé from my voyage in early September 2011. Tomorrow I can bring up-to-date the radio pages and then start on the footy pages. No more footy for me this season which is a shame.

Another thing that is a shame is that one of the ferries that I was planning on taking on my journey in a few days' time has had its annual opening put back. I've been on it before and it was a bit of a rust-bucket then, but this winter it failed its four-yearly inspection and so it's had to go for a refit at a cost of ... gulp ... $1,368,000 or whatever the equivalent is in local currency, and the start of the ferry season has been put back from April 21 to May 15, something which is going to inconvenience me rather considerably.

There's another ferry that does something like the same route but that doesn't cater for cars. The advert says something like "don't forget your bike". I can imagine one polar bear looking at another polar bear as I go cycling past, and saying "oohhh look - meals on wheels".

I've also started backing up all of the files on my computer - moving copies onto a portable hard drive. You never know what is likely to happen when I'm on an adventure. If the ferry sinks and takes my computer with it, I shall be sunk - I'll tell you that. And not only am I likely to be sailing over a route where a passenger ferry was sunk by a U-boat in World War II, I'll be passing over the site of the wreck of an ocean liner that went down with the loss of over 1000 lives, within sight of land, in peacetime 2 years after the Titanic disaster.

So as you can see, anything is possible.

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