Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, I was right...

... about the need to protect my new plants from the frost last night. When I was down in the verandah at 04:00 (don't ask) it was -2.2°C outside, and it dropped as low as -3.3°C. definitely a good plan to cover them up.

No such issues tonight though, even if it is flaming well taters outside. It's also p155ing down with rain. And so the covers are on again, but for entirely different reasons.

This morning I spent on the computer doing some more of my web pages. But this was interrupted by the arrival of the postie, who brought me my new memory cards (I'm being organised this time, would you believe?) and also by the boulangère, with whom I need to discuss my bread arrangements.

After lunch I popped into Pionsat to go to the bank and also to the Post Office where I posted a lettler to my UK bank. There really is so much to organise. But at least, good news is that my flights are confirmed. And I'm not going on a bucket shop charter either. A national flagship carrier flies to the same destination for just €50 more, so copulatum expensium, as we Pompeiians say. All I need now are the car hire and the train. The ferries can take care of themselves as I encounter them. But one ferry issue is that one of the boats that I would be taking is away for a refit and so instead of starting the ferry crossing on 20th April, it's now going to restart on 15th May - two weeks too late for me. I shall have to see about that.

Out in the garden I made a start on the final raised bed but at about 18:15 I was chased inside by a tropical monsoon. Just as well in a way because the framework for that bed needs replacing too and I didn't fancy doing it at that time of night. But hopefully I'll finish that tomorrow and then I'll cover it up to keep the weeds out. I'll do a final lap around the garden hoeing  and planting more seeds, and that will be that until I come.

Now I'm off to ned and an early night. I'm whacked.

And to let Liz and Krys know that I'm thinking about both of you.

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