Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I made a start ...

... on work today. Only a start though. After (a rather-late) breakfast, I worked on all of the photos of the holiday and wimp that I am, there are only 1200 of them. Not a patch on the 2500 or so of my epic 2010 voyage around the Trans-Labrador Highway, but considerably more than the 78 of my first visit to Canada. All the photos have now been thubnailed and had the copyright text added and they are now on-line. I'll post a link to them in due course and you will be able to see them for yourself.

That took me to a rather late-ish lunch and then afterwards I prepared a little game for the Anglo-French Group. I took all of my photos of the Québecois language and asked them to see what they could make of them. No-one came even close to guessing what this was all about so if you have an idea - without cheating and looking it up - make a suggestion in the "comments" bit below.

That left me an hour and a half and so I went out to tackle the weeds. There's only so much you can do in that kind of time and I didn't do much, but at least I can walk between the front door and the downhill lean-to now, and the area around the solar shower is free. And if we have some sun any time soon, I might even be able to use that.

But the disappointment is the hard-standing that we laid down for parking a couple of years ago. Every day I made it a task to pull up a dozen weeds and I've kept it pretty weed-free. But 6 weeks away when everywhere is going mad has just about done for it. Not only is it swamped in weeds, their roots are so deep that they are pulling up the gravel and hardstanding when I try to remove them. It seems that the only solution is whatever is the local equivalent of Agent Orange. This is depressing as I have tried ever since I came here to avoid the use of chemical weedkiller but as I am on my own and I'm not as young as I was, I don't see what alternative there is.

If you can think of anything non-chemical, answers on a plain brown envelope to ...

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  1. I read that 50-50 vinegar and water might do the trick.