Monday, June 11, 2012

It's astonishing.

Today, the weather was so much better. Only 14mm of rain.

So once again I awoke to the sound of a torrential downpour but no staying in bed today. We had to be a-radioing at 10:00 and I had a lot to do before I could set out.

But it wasn't as if it mattered any. The woman who does the engineering forgot that we were coming and so we had something of a wait until she arrived. The best-made plans of mice and men, and all that. But eventually we managed to record our 6 weeks of programmes

Back at Liz's, I was very kindly permitted to have a shower and to wash some clothes. This depressing, miserable weather has meant that I have had no hot water for a week and more, and so I'm really grateful for the good friends that I have. No need to worry about quantity, it's the quality that counts.

At Radio Arverne this afternoon we did another 6 weeks-worth of programmes and so that's everything recorded until the end of July. Luckily I did 2 rock programmes before I went away and so they are up-to-date too.

At the Carrefour in Riom we stopped to buy some of these ethylotests - the law in France from July 1st is that every car should have a breathalyser fitted for the use of the driver and the supermarkets are selling them for peanuts - I bought a kit of 2 for €2:00 and you can't say fairer than that. I also had another bit of good luck there. Last year I bought a neat 25-litre 12-volt coolbox for Caliburn for €27:95 or something like that and it's useful for when I'm out shopping and so on and I need a place to store the cold food in the hot van. I drove all around Canada just now wishing that I had had one in the car there too, and here they are in the Carrefour again - this time for €24:90. So I've bought another one and I'll pack it in the suitcase and fill it with clothes or something and then I can leave it in my storage unit over there to keep the cool food and drink in.

It's MoT time for Caliburn too and so we called in at the testing centre on the way back. Caliburn of course passed with flying colours and so we are all happy, and then at the Anglo-French group it was nice to see Clotilde back from Annemasse.

Yes, I've been rushed off my feet today and not had a moment to myself. That's why I'm blogging early - I'm off to bed in a minute for an early night.

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