Monday, June 11, 2012

Flaming June?

It's been flaming raining all flaming day. 17mm (not cm, Krys) has fallen so far and a quick referral shows that since I came back from Canada there has been only one rain-free day.

I woke up at 09:20 (and that's early for a Sunday, isn't it?) and heard the torrential downpour that was going on outside. That was enough to make me turn over and go back to sleep and there I stayed until a much-more-reasonable 11:30. No point in getting up in this weather.

After breakfast I watched a film while I reviewed the latest edition of the magazine that I receive that gives me info that I need for the radio programmes. A few likely topics in there as well as a few extra questions to add to the "20 Questions" that I keep in reserve for if ever we are caught short-handed for news. After lunch I started to tidy up a little in here. Only a little - I can't get the hang of this "tidying-up" lark. But I did make a useful discovery. The wooden box that you may remember me building to keep the fruit and veg in makes a useful and quite comfortable seat and so I've moved that into the kitchen in the verandah where it ought to be, and put a load of stuff in it.

This evening I went round to Liz and Terry's to rehearse the radio programmes. 6 weeks for each of the two radio stations. That should take us up to the end of July which is comforting, and keeps us out of mischief. Liz made some really nice chick-pea and spinach curry as well as a really tasty cake.

I asked Terry if he could order some ink for me for my printyer seeing as how I have run out, but he did better than that. A few of us bought the identical printer a while ago, one of these Epson SX115 all-in-one machines that were on special offer at €49 and while they work just fine, they are rather sloooooow. So Liz, who has to print out loads of stuff for her teaching, has bought a new laser printer that does 17 pages per minute rather than the Epson's 17 minutes per page (that really is unfair - there is nothing at all wrong with these Epsons in an ordinary domestic environment, especially at that price and at the price that the ink refills are available) and so I've ended up with a box of inks and a spare printer, for which I am extremely grateful.

And it's still flaming raining.

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  1. Back in 1988 laser printers were GBP 1,000 each. Now they're dirt cheap. I saw one here for barely $90.