Friday, June 22, 2012

I've had one of those days ...

... that doesn't happen very often, where I can sit back at the end of it all and say to myself "haven't I done well today?".

Take the garden, for instance. I was out there at about 13:00 hoeing at the raised bed that you can see in the foreground. The front two rows are spinach, and I weeded and cleaned out a space behind them and that is where I planted 5 of the tomato plants that François gave me yesterday.

You can also see that I planted some bamboo canes there and I've tied the plants to them to keep them off the ground. And they needed it too - they are over 30cms tall.

As for the other 5 tomato plants and the chili, they are in the mega-cloche. You can see the bamboo canes that I put in there to hold up the plants.

If you look in the bottom left-hand corner you will see two old caravan windows covering part of another raised bed. When I grubbed away a pile of weeds from in there, I discovered that half a dozen or so beetroot had taken and were busy growing away. So what I did was to clear a corner of the raised bed just there and plant a few more to see what happens.

The carrots though have been a disaster. I planted a few rows before I went away and I have ONE CARROT. I hoed right through the part of the bed where I planted the seeds and I've put in another row to see what happens with that. Everything that I planted, I covered with the caravan windows. It worked in spades for the leeks and spinach, covering them over while they germinated. It'll do no harm to see what it does to the leeks and the beetroot.

  At the bottom of the garden, the beans that I planted before I went (well, the four that did anything) are now really running wild. As well as that, those that I planted the other day are bursting out of the soil like nobody's business.

I had a rummage around in the barn and turned up with a couple of offcuts of wire netting and so I grabbed a few of the laths that we ripped off the barn roof in 2010 and made three climbing frames for the beans. I'm going to need a lot more than three and so does anyone want to swap some brassica thinnings for any wire netting? Otherwise I'll have to go into Commentry on Saturday and buy a roll.

You'll notice too that the pea frame is doing fine too. The peas are finally starting to appear and the frame will give them something to cling onto too.

This morning I spent three hours on the laptop (I was up early for once) and I made an index page for my recent journey to Canada and uploaded another few pages. I'm up to late morning of Day Four so far. It's going to be a long, hard trip.

This evening I had a lovely, warm shower. The solar heat had pushed the temperature up to 37.5°C this afternoon but by 19:00 it had cooled down to about 34°C. However the hot water in the dump load was running at about 62°C and so 5 litres of that into the solar tank pushed that back up to 39°C and it was gorgeous.

I then went into St Gervais to see this music extravaganza and met Liz and Terry, as well as a few other people who I know.

All in all, a good time was had by all and if the temperature hadn't have plummeted I would probably be still there now.

Yes, all in all, a very good day.

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