Thursday, June 28, 2012

One of the reasons ...

... and there are many of them, to be sure, as to why I keep a blog is that I can refer back to it and find out when I did something, as I forget all too easily these days (and just remember, before you start laughing, that you will be as old as me too one of these days).

So I looked back and found that it was exactly a week ago today that I planted the courgette, cucumber, gherkin etc seeds, and sowed some lettuce seed in pots. And while I was sorting out the herb buckets (those nice heaps of organo and tarragon have gone - cut down now and hanging up to dry in my attic) I happened to notice that the lettuce were growing. Blimey! That was quick!

So they had a really good watering, and they need it too in this heat, and so, out of curiosity, I went to look at the beds where I had planted the courgette etc seeds. And guess what? Absolutely! They are rearing their pretty little heads too. There's even some beetroot from what I planted a week earlier, but the carrots are once again doing nothing at all.

Anyway, it seems to be all go in the garden again.

I didn't manage an early start today. It was so hot that at 03:00 I was still up and about and I would probably still be flat out on my back right now if a hornet hadn't come in at about 08:45 and chased me around the bedroom. Still, makes a change from Percy Penguin, who doesn't feature in these pages half as much as she deserves.

This afternoon I started to draw up the plans for the next stage of construction work, and began to make a list of the bits that I need. Right on cue, Rosemarie rang me up and asked if I would be interested in going to the Brico Depot in Montlucon. Seeing as how it won't be very easy getting all of this wood onto Caliburn's roof rack all on my own, and it's no skin off my nose whether I go tomorrow or Saturday, and when I heard that half a day's gardening was the reward on offer, then that was it, mercenary that I am. It's a good job I emptied out Caliburn yesterday.

Inbetween the surveying I did a machine-load of washing seeing as I had a pile to do, it was gorgeous and warm, and the water temperature was 60.5°C. Then I finished off the day with a solar shower, the water in the black plastic box being at 41.5°C and that was gorgeous too.

It's all go here right now, isn't it?


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