Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This photo ...

... probably won't be all that significant to most of you but it certainly will be to Liz and Roemarie because they have seen the front of the house since I came back, and how you couldn't move out there, the weeds had grown so tall and so thick.

But anyway, there you are. I finished the weeding in front of the house this evening and I can actually see the pathway that I laid out all those years ago.

You can see the table and chair too, on the terrace thingy made of old pallets with an old tarpaulin underneath it. And wasn't it lovely sitting on there to eat my butty at lunchtime, and even to eat my potato and lentil curry tonight?

All of the weeds, by the way, were pullled up by hand. Huge handfuls of the stuff. That was the hard bit.

And can you see the herbs in their pots in front of the verandah? They really are going berserk and if I can have three or four days of dry weather I'll cut them back and bring them up here to dry like I did last time.

That's not all I've done either. I weeded the path that led down to the greenhouse and I've also weeded in front of the barn by the entrance to where the Ebro is stored. I can now open and close the garage door.

As well as that, I've filled a few more bags of rubbish ready to go to the tip tomorrow and while doing that I found the vertical-axis wind turbine that I bought a year ago and promptly forgot all about. It's currently stuck on the roof of Caliburn, held on by its magnetic mounting, but I will have to think of a more permanent way to attach it. But it's lovely being able to walk around in the garage part of the barn now, and I've not finished in there yet either. I've not found a roll of wire netting though, and I know that there's one there.

This morning I was up and about before the alarm and I spent 4 hours on the computer. I'm cracking on with these web pages but I'm only a couple of days from Québec and that's going to slow me down a little.

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