Thursday, June 7, 2012

What happened to this morning?

I was up early for a change - before the alarm went off in fact - and had an early breakfast. But I dunno what someone must have slipped into my coffee because the next thing that I remember was it being 13:57 and my coffee was stone cold. I've no idea at all what happened there. Ahh well.

Mind you it was 03:00 when I went to bed and then I had to leave the bed twice during the night - one to go and ride the porcelain horse and the second because it suddenly occurred to me that I had left outside the house the parcels that I had wrapped yesterday and it was pouring down with rain. A torrential rainstorm in fact.

It was just as well that I had taken the precaution to wrap them in bin liners and seal them up very well, because that managed to protect them from the worst of the weather. A good idea, that was.

This afternoon I carried on the weeding. Joy recommended using a mixture of vinegar and water and so I tried a sample plot of that to see what happens. Another idea that someone had was to use old newspapers, publicity leaflets and the like to cover over the paths and that should suppress the weeds there. I can then spread broken slates (of which I have plenty) everywhere. Seeing how well things like planks and bits of wood suppressed weed growth while I was away, and seeing how many old newspapers and publicilty leaflets there are hanging around here, there has to be some mileage in that too and so I'll give that a try.

Rosemarie rang up today as well. She needs a little help over her car and seeing how she has some porridge oats for me and that she has offered to store my new front door for me until I'm ready (whenever that might be) then it's only fair that I pop down there on Friday and see how she is getting on. By all accounts it sounds like a buckled wheel and I know a place in Montlucon that supplies them.

Tomorrow I'm out with Marianne a-wandering around Chateau-sur-Cher. We're photographing historical bits and pieces over there. I bet we'll have a rainstorm.

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