Friday, June 8, 2012

You may remember ...

... that we discussed weedkiller the other day. Joy suggested a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water and so I tried it. And you can see the result. A pile of burnt and scorched grass.

And so there's clearly some mileage in that idea, thanks, Joy, but I shudder to think about how much vinegar I'm going to need.

So this morning it was work as usual on the website but I didn't get much done due to a couple of lengthy and complicated phone calls that led to a lengthy form-filling session.

All of that made me late for my trip with Marianne and while Liz was wishing me all the best for the afternoon and me saying something like "knowing my luck it will pour down with rain" we suddenly had the most terrific thunderstorm and cloudburst. Right on cue, you might say.

And so off we went for a good wander around Chateau-sur-Cher, so named because the remains of a Gallo-Roman fort were discovered on the promontory overlooking the River Cher, on the spot where the church sits today.

Definitely a good day out because not only were there some interesting sights to see around the village and around the river, but that we were also directed to an intact chalk-oven and to an outcrop of a coal seam. Apparentlly the coal seam that we visited 2 years ago and about which I posted on here breaks out in a few other places aeound here. There are even some mining remains where someone had a go at trying to exploit it, but they are all overgrown and so we need to wait for winter to hunt for those.

In other bad news, I've run out of black ink for the printer. I'll have to see if Terry can order some more for me.


  1. Photographic stop bath is very cheap and is a highly concentrated form of vinegar. Also known as acetic acid. Could be cheaper doing it that way. Most photography shops can help there,

  2. You could experiment with weaker solutions to find out how little you could get away with. It's got to be cheaper than week killer anyway. I'm glad it helped.

  3. Or... a garden flamethrower - give the weeds a lick one day then finish them the next day.