Sunday, July 8, 2012

11.5 mms ...

... of rain fell last night. And apart from the very start of the downpour I heard nothing at all because I was in bed by 23:40 or so and that was that until Marianne rang me at 10:00.

Well, almost, because if I ever find out who it was who telephoned me at about 04:00 or thereabouts, I shall go round to visit them with a piece of lead piping.

Despite my early night it was still a struggle to crawl out of bed this morning and I was late for Marianne, but eventually we arrived at La Cellette and set up Marianne's exhibition even though I wasn't feeling much like it.

Nane was there and she made me a cup of coffee and that made me feel a little better, and Rick the trailer man was there with his string quartet - they were doing the music today and a very good job they were making of it. That made the day so much better too. The crowd was rather disappointing though, but better than last year when no-one at all turned up.

This afternoon I finally finished sorting out all of the photos - all nicely arranged, stored and documented - and I've sent the ones off that this author guy wants. That's that out of the way and hopefully the cash will be in the bank in early course. Some photos were in triple, if not quadruple, examples and I've cleared tons of room out on the external drive that I'll be storing them on from now on.

But there are files stored on there from when I first started backing up on external drives, back in 2002, and what might be a good idea would be to go through them all and make a proper continual stream of files instead of having them stored by reference to the hard drive that they used to be on. Another thing that I might do is now that the big desktop computer is redundant, to take one of the 500GB drives out of that and fit it into a caddy that I have lying around here, and make an external drive just for photos. You've no idea how much space these photos take. The first few years of digital photography, 2001-2005, take up less than 1 DVD of space. In one week in Canada in 2010 I used more space than that.

And before I forget, for I've already forgotten twice, a big thank-you to Rhys as the phone that he sent to me arrived on Friday and it works fine.     

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  1. Excellent. I'm glad it works for you. It was just lying idle here.