Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's flaming well raining again;

It's not like me to use bad language - in fact I only swear when it slips out, as Percy Penguin will be only too pleased to testify, but this weather is rather getting on my nerves.

This morning we had a few clouds and the weather slowly improved during the day, to such an extent that when I was shopping in St Eloy this afternoon I treated myself to a sorbet. But this evening it clouded over, and then we had the storm.

I was late going to St Eloy too - 16:00 or so. and I didn't spend long (or much) there either - just a quick whizz around. But our water butts haven't come (as if we were really expecting them) and that's bad news.

So what have I been doing that's been holding me up? Well, I've sold some photos to a book publisher and of course he wants the originals, as you might expect. But could I find them? I could find everything except the ones that I wanted and so I've been on a frantic search. Eventually I tracked them down on a long-unused hard drive (no idea where the DVD backup for that period went) and so that was that problem solved. But having reached the conclusion that my photo filing is total rubbish, I've spent all day (and probably tomorrow too) sorting them all out and filing them as they ought to be filed. And when that's done, I'll redo the back-up photo DVDs.

And while all of that was a-doing, it gave me an opportunity to start filing away the European Paper Mountain. if I'm not careful I might find myself all organised and that will never do.  


  1. No, No. I don't think I can face the prospect of an organised Eric. Where would be the fun of that? ;-)

    Congratulations on getting your photo's published though. One of these days you should do a local history book and submit that for publication.

    1. I'm working on my books of the Trans-Labrador Highway and the Chemin du Roy right now ;-)

  2. If you publish as an e-book, there's no publication cost.

    The trick is to format each page to be text then a photo then more text. Don't use tables or wrap the text.

    The other trick is to keep the pictures to a maximum of 600 pixels width. Otherwise you'll really eat into the allotted space. An ebook must be under 20mb. My last photo book is 168mb and no way to prune it so it's not going as an ebook.