Saturday, July 7, 2012

This weather really is ...

... getting on my wick right now. It's still raining outside.

Luckily the rain did manage to hold off for a few hours while Marianne and I went to survey the village of Bussieres where Marianne will be holding her walk next Wednesday.

The church was another one that merited a visit. Again, it's an early church that has been expanded and enlarged over the centuries but because it's in such a tight situation, the expansion has had to take place in all sorts of unusual directions and unusually there is no north chapel.

It was visited in 1842 by the same person who visited the church at St Maurice and, once again, he considered the church here to be of no merit, which shows quite clearly that he didn't have any idea of what he was talking about.

Back here, I decided that I would put the second coat of paint on the woodwork on the lean-to outside. So I cleaned the brush, washed out the pot, filled it with the paint, climbed up the scaffolding, and then it started raining. However I wanted it done today at any cost so an hour later, at 19:10, soaking wet that I was, that's the woodwork on the lean-to all finished. Next time the weather is half-decent for working outside (weekends excepted of course) I'll dismantle the solar shower fitment outside the lean-to and then paint the facade with the pale yellow stone paint. It should look quite pretty with that.

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