Friday, July 6, 2012

24mm of rain.

That's what we've had so far today. And this photo aside tells its own story - a nice hanging cloud drifting slowly up the valley behind the house. That sums up the weather - it was like that all day and I'm fed up.

I had to make more muesli for breakfast, and it seems that I have run out of desecrated coconut. That's not very good. And after breakfast I worked on the web pages for a while but I'm also not ashamed to say that I went back to bed for half an hour too - this weather is so flaming depressing.

Later on, I switched the inverter on and sanded down the polyfilla that I had put on all of the joints of the plasterboard in the cupboard - may as well take advantage of the weather. After lunch, I put another layer - the final one - on the joints. At the next available opportunity I'll sand that off, paint the walls and fit the new laminate flooring. Then I can build the shelves and start moving the stuff in there from out of where the bathroom is going to be.

I had an hour in the lean-to too and I've sorted out a pile of stuff in there too. That was something else that needed doing. And then, by way of surprise, it stopped raining briefly at about 18:00. Briefly, I say, but long enough for me to finish putting the first coat of of wood treatment on the exposed new wood on the lean-to. When I have the chance, I'll put the second coat on there and then paint the rendering.

It's amazing how much you can do when you have the time and place to do it all. I really Am starting to become organised.

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