Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This was another day ...

... where I didn't really do all that much. An early start, though, and plenty of time on the computer even though I wasn't feeling myself ... "quite right too - disgusting habit" - ed ... but at 12:00 Terry came round for a chat - he'd been working at Lieneke's this morning.

One thing that we did was to look at that hole that I've been trying to drill for about 6 months. We came to the conclusion that I had grounded out on of all things a piece of granite which had somehow contrived itself to be in the wall. You wouldn't believe that! Anyway, we took a gamble and hammered away at it for an age with a SDS drill and we managed eventually to shatter it. Drilling became a lot easier after that.

However I didn't manage to do any more because Lieneke came round for a chat and it's always nice to see her. She's staying for 3 weeks, she says, and that's good news.

After this I went to Marianne's to erect one of these IKEA-type wardrobes for her. She'd been struggling for a while to do it but the Ryobi drill and the IKEA drill-bit soon solved that problem. Off to St Maurice then for her walk. We had 5 clients and we spent most of the time in the church there. It's really interesting as churches go because the original part is a tiny 12th-Century church that has been considerably expanded over the years in several different architectural periods and yet the original bit, now largely abandoned, is still pretty much intact and original although it does have I suppose what in a theatre would be the circle - an upper floor balcony-type seating arangement dating from the 16th Century as a first attempt to increase the capacity.

Astonishingly, when an architectural survey of the church was undertaken by the bishop in 1842 he called it "worthless" and recommended its demolition. The congregation did move out into a temporary place of worship but that deteriorted even quicker than the church did and so when that was condemmed they moved back into the church and instead of demolishing it, they planned its enlargement.

It just goes to show that Bishops and all these kinds of people can't recognise a religious treasure when they see one, as I have said on a previous occasion. It really is a magnificent church and to think that the bishop wanted to demolish it.

Some people have no taste.

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