Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Caliburn didn't fly ...

... home as quickly as he normally does from Liz and Terry's this evening. Hardly surprising - there's half a tonne of stones in the back. You know how I'm rebuilding the wall of the lean to and how I'm running out of stones - it just so happens that Terry has a barn-full that need moving.

So having had an ealy start at ... ... 06:40 this morning I was round at Liz and Terry's for shortly after 09:00 and we set to work to dismantle the engine on the FIAT. And while it was comparatively straightforward, it took absolutely ages because there are all kinds of complications - cables and wires and plastic housings in the way and to take one thing off you need to remove two other things and to remove those two other things you need to move four other things, and so on. 

Highlight had to be taking off the plastic shroud that covers the tilming belt cover. Undo all of the screws and still the blasted thing won't move. Jack up the car and take off the wheel to see why .... ahhh, screw actually holds on the plastic mudguard. After much manoeuvring, off comes the plastic mudguard, th find that the screw we are looking for is just half an inch away from the mudguard screw, but the mudguard is covering it so you can't see it until you take off the mudguard. Why they couldn't put the screw through the plastic mudguard from the outside to save us half an hour's work I really don't know. But guess what I'll be doing with an electric drill when I come to reassemble it.

Yes, not reassembled yet. Taking the plugs out with the cylinder head in situ is near-on impossible and so seeing as we have the cylinder head off, we've ordered a full service kit and we'll change everything before we reassemble it. That way, it's all done.

But everything is cleaned and smoothed down and reassembled - we'll do that when the service kit arrives. 

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  1. Service kit? By then surely it would have been cheaper to take the thing to a garage?