Monday, July 23, 2012

171.4 and 160.1 amp-hours ...

... of solar energy in bank 1 and bank 2 respectively might not be a new record (although it isn't far off), but 154 amp-hours of that being surplus and hence bening diverted into the dump load (the hot water tank) - now, that is a record.

And having filled up the tank this morning with cold water, that brought the water temperature in there down from its overnight figure last night to a mere 39°C, this 154 amp-hours of solar energy was enough to push the temperature of the water off the scale - ie over 70°C. Now that is impressive. And as the water in the solar shower tank was only at 30°C, then 5 litres of water out of the dump load took that temperature up to 38.5°C and I had yet another lovely shower. And I'm all clean now.

And I was quite dirty too. This morning, after my 07:00 start (despite only going to bed at 02:30), a leisurely breakfast and an hour or so on the laptop, I went round to Marianne's to move the International Library from her friend's garage to an empty room at François' at le Quartier. That was how come I'm filthy.

From there it was off to LIz and Terry's to pick up Liz and then off to Radio Arverne to record our programmes there. And as well as the 5 that we had planned, we needed to do a 6th as Bernard had somehow lost the one for this week. And it's not very pleasant in the heat up there in their attic.

That's it, really. Quite busy but nothing much to show for it. I'm off to bed now, another ridiculously early night as it's another early start tomorrow. I'm changing the cylinder head gasket on Liz's car.

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