Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's not every day that at 08:30 am ...

... I'm up and about and having breakfast. For it to happen on a Sunday, when I don't have an alarm clock set, is really quite extraordinary.

Mind you, it's just as well because between then and 10:00 I had three telephone calls, from Radio Tartasse telling me that the Monday morning session is cancelled, from Marianne reminding me about our morning at St Hilaire, and from Rosemarie who wanted to talk about cheese. Just imagine me being polite on the telephone early on a Sunday morning!

Our morning today was nominally at St Hilaire, but actually at the fish farm at the Domaine de Baudry. The place was heaving, we had the jazz band from Pionsat providing the enertainment, there were dozens of people who I knew (including Dave and Ann) and I spent much of the morning watching little Misha fishing for trout - and she caught five of them! Good old Misha!

I had a couple of hours off in the afternoon (well, it IS Sunday) and then went round to Liz and Terry's to go over our radio programmes. Mushroom risotto was on the menu too - a huge improvement on the last mushroom risotto that I had, the famous one at Hardon House in Newport Pagnell, that looked as if someone had eaen it before I had.

Ginger cake for pudding too! That really made for an excellent Sunday.

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