Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've been a busy little B.....

... all day today, although you migh not think so.

Not quite managing an early start, I still managed an early breakfast and then started to work.

We needed a series of 5 radio programmes for Monday and so no time like the present. All morning (and some of the early afternoon) was spent drawing up five minutes of a gardening programme, and then 15 minutes-worth of useful French phrases.

We had a little break for shopping. St Eloy unfortunately. I was hoping to go to Montlucon as I'm running out of everything, but the radio was more important. I just managed the basics, as well as some A4 pouches for the laminator, seeing as LIDL had some on offer, and also a pile of bags of hazel nuts for the muesli - it's been a while since LIDL had any of them in stock.

Back at the ranch I cooked some more rice in the steamer while I had lunch and then continued wih Part II - a load of notes on the system of points for traffic offences here in France. It's quite complicated, and having to navigate around the French Government's own website is not so easy either.

Anyway, there's enough to keep us going for a good few weeks;

This evening, with piping hot water in the dump load and only 24°C in the solar shower tank and me feeling rather dirty, I dumped 6 litres of water from the former to the latter, which pushed that up to 35°C. I stripped off and just as I was about to plunge underneath, the 'phone rang. And it's a good job it was a telephone and not a television as it was Marianne reminding me abou tomorrow. She would have had a giggle if she had known how I was answering the phone.

So a nice clean me, and I'm off for an early night. And a little lie-in tomorrow.  

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