Friday, July 20, 2012

What a shambles!

And, just for a change, I'm not talking about anything to do with the Open University Students Association. At 10:00 I needed to be a Radio Tartasse to record the rock music programme and thanks to a 07:30 start this morning I had everything ready and so I was there on thime;

15 minutes it takes to record the programmes - I set up all the music at home and copy them onto a memory stick - but it was blasted flaming well 11:50 before I managed to leave.

It seems that someone has been messing around with the computer there and there's a file running in a kind of algorithm that is stopping the sound card working correctly. They had the manager and two technicians trying to fix it and in the end Yours Truly was so fed up that he imposed himself in the office and managed to free off the sound card by disabling the background program via the Task Manager so we could make a start.

Then, they managed to lose the program that we had recorded and so after they gave up, I searched all of the hard drives for it and it wasn't there at all, so we went to re-record it, with much GRRRRRRing - and then the program wouldn't open as "an instance of this program is already running" - seems that the Manager had entered a file name but had forgotten to save it and had then minimised the window. No wonder it took so flaming long.

At lunchime I took Bill to Montaigut - he had bought a new bed and needed it trasporting home and that was not as straightforward as it might have been either, for reasons that I shan't go into. But to cut a long story short, it was 15:00 when I finally stopped for lunch.

  So having been driven up the wall all this morning it was only natural that I was back on the scaffolding this afternoon.

If you compare this photo with one of the ones from earlier this week you can see how much progress I've been making. But the real proof of progress is the fact that you'll notice the new-looking breeze block in the wall by the bottom-right of the photo - when I started to repair the lean-to, that breeze block was the first stone that I had to lay. Everything from and including that breeze block is what I've had to put it.

Anyway, after a few hours on that, it was 18:50 when I finished a load of cement and so I called it a day on the wall. That gave me 10 minutes to sow a row of endives ready for the winter. You can see how organised I'm becoming these days, can't you?

So back up here to warm up and dry off because today we were back in winter - cold and wet. Summer has been and gone, and that was your lot. 

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