Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's only 23:15 ...

... and I'm thoroughly whacked. I'm also extremely tired, but that's another story.

Anyone would think that I've had a really hard day, but in fact i've done probably not much more than nothing. I didn't even have an early start either - it was 09:30 when I crawled out of Quatermass's Pit. On that subject, I wish that the weather would improve so that I could do some washing. We've had more torrential rain again to day and if it carries on I'll be uprooting my vegetables and planting rice instead.

After a leisurely morning's breakfast I started on the radio programmes but it wasn't long before I was sidetracked. The Music folders on my external hard drive are in a mess and having sorted out the photos last weekend, I decided to organise the music. Strangely enough, that freed off a couple of gigabytes of space on my hard drive and there's room to move about now.

That wasn't all. In 2002 I was in Utah and spent a very pleasant half a day prowling around the Escalante (or Escalente) Desert in Utah. All over the American newspapers today though was an article about someone else who had been prowling around the Escalante (or Escalente) Desert for three weeks totally lost and being found in the nick of time by some searchers. I had a look at my page, and realised that it was one that had only received the briefest of updating when I did a major update of my website in February 2007. Sensing that the page would receive a few hits today (and I wasn't wrong either) I spent the afternoon rewriting it and bringing it right up to date.

So much for the radio.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I'm out with Marianne tomorrow and I need to be on form. I've no idea why I'm so tired right now.

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