Friday, July 27, 2012

Phwoarrrrr what a scorcher!

12:30 am and still 30°C up here in my attic. I shan't be sleeping much tonight.

In fact it was so warm up here this morning that I breakfasted yet again with the fan working. And I needed it too. And then off to pick up Liz for our radio session in Marcillat, and we melted there too.

Back home later, I was on the computer again in the attic and the heat, and apparently the weather is going to break tomorrow afternoon and so cue some washing. That I did while I was lunching - lovely hot water at 62°C - that should get everything clean, and i'm glad that it's all done. I'll just have to remember to take it in when the weather threatens.

Now that I have a big load of sand and a pile of stones, no reason why I shouldn't be attacking the wall. But first, I forgot about the load of stones in the house and so I spent half an hour pulling a pile of suitable stuff from out of there.

I've also found another load of stuff that was buried in there - including the missing box of 4x40 screws. And how long have I been looking for those?

Anyway, the wall is now built up (at the outside) to the level of the windowsill and the outside is almost filled up to the framework of the window on the right-hand side. Tomorrow will, with a bit of luck, see me finishing off that part of the wall.

But then, I'm not so sure. I've promised someone that I would do something tomorrow, and I've no idea what it was now. So apologies in advance if I've forgotten anything. And maybe I'll receive a reminding phone call, in which case I'll be doing something different.


  1. A paltry 30c.... That's NOTHING.... In my study right now it's 91F and has been up to 93F. That's 33C right now and 34C earlier. It will be 99F outside tomorrow and that's 37.2C. You're living in the lap of luxury and cool weather.

  2. It's been 28 degrees here and that is about all I can stand. One of the benefits of living on an island and not a continent! :-)

  3. Well, 93F in my study with a thunderstorm raging with torrential rain outside. Thank goodness for my small fan.