Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well, so no-one rang me ...

... and so I had a full day at home, for the first time since I don't know when.

This morning it was more of the usual on the website, but I knocked off at 12:30 in order to make a good start on the wall. And you can tell how much I was enjoying myself by the fact that when I happened to notice the time, it was 19:20 - way past my knocking-off time.

But anyway, the windowsill (a row or bricks) and the brick surround on one side - they are now properly fitted and to the outside, the wall is now finished up to the window. On the inside, there's about one-and-a-half rows to finish off and then to pour the concrete in between the outer and the inner face.

In fact I worked really hard today and didn't really want to stop - not like me at all, is it? But the hot (and I DO mean hot) shower that I had afterwards set the seal on Friday night.

Tomorrow, if I'm up early, I may well go to Montlucon for the shopping. I'm getting low on tons of stuff.

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