Sunday, July 29, 2012

What a wimp!

Yes, I've been spending my money again today, and it's this really hot weather that has made me do it - I mean, it was so hot this morning that I saw a midget buy an ice-cream in LIDL - and then sit in it.

At Brico Depot today they were selling small desktop fans, 40-watt ones, for all of €14:99. Having roasted to death up here for a week, I have to do something for the 12-volt lorry fan that I use just isn't doing the business in this kind of weather. So what a change it was tonight, actually being cold.

I did make it to Montlucon as expected, and didn't really buy anything exciting until I got to Brico depot. Apart from the fan, they also had 850-watt SDS drills with rotostop. The 1200-watt one that I have here is too heavy and powerful - it's aching my shoulders out and at times stalling the 1200-watt inverter. It probably sounds silly but with a smaller, less-powerful drill I might well finish this hole in the wall quicker, as I won't have to make so many pauses.

But I also went there for a pile of bricks to do the next window (I'm having two in that wall, if for no other purpose than making the wall lighter and for using less stone) and so having bought a pile of lime mortar, they had no common bricks. In fact, they have stopped selling them. I'll have to go elsewhere for them, and I wish I hadn't loaded up the chalk now.

Back home, I watched an old black-and-white cowboy film Santa Fe Trail - notable for its complete rewriting of history and its treatment of the slave-liberators as ... errr ... the baddies. It was enjoyable from an entertainment point of view though, but irony of ironies, the film's most famous line is the one "we are soldiers - we aren't politicians. We're supposed to just obey orders" is spoken by A certain Captain Custer (we're talking long before Little Big Horn here), the co-star, played by a certain Ronald Reagan. What a small world this is!

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