Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What do you think ...

... about my nice environmentally-friendly scaffolding? I've no idea what that plant is that has decided to grow up it, but it has heart-shaped leaves and small green berries and it's growing like crazy.

Yes, you'll notice that I've lowered the scaffolding. The roof is finished and, seeing as how I finished the rendering off around the front this afternoon, I've started to paint the woodwork with the LIDL wood treatment. That means that I have to lower the scaffolding. I'm only doing the outside now - the inside can wait until the weather is bad.

Once the woodwork is painted, then I need to paint the rendering off around the front of the lean-to so that it matches the house. For that, I need to move a pile of stuff that's around the front, although I've not worked out where I'm going to put it yet. Still, it'll all work out in Boomland, so they say.

Once all that is done, then I can start on my secret project, to put Krys out of her misery, or else I can carry on rebuilding the wall that you can see in the photo and then put the guttering on. Probably guttering is a good idea as Thursday I'm hoping to have the water butts for there. That'll mean that Krys will still be in suspense for another couple of weeks.

So that was this afternoon. This morning I was on the website again, and then I was outside in the garden. Apart from tbe usual weeding, I planted another row of carrots and some more beetroot and then spent a pleasant hour thinning the cabbage and cauliflower. The sprouts need thinning too but I'm not sure where to put the ones that I pull out.

But this is all progress, isn't it? I've never ever reached the thinning stage with the brassica. Usually this time of year I'm hunting for the survivors but there aren't half some impressive plants - and all grown from seed too. 

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