Monday, August 6, 2012

I haven't posted ...

... a photo of my wall for quite some time, and so this is where I currently am. You'll notice that all of the breeze blocks have gone, except for the ones reinforcing the corner (and I'm not taking those out at any price) and I've also put in the base of the second window.

As for the rest, you can see that the outside stonework is proceeding apace, as is the interior stonework. The infill, which consists of those very lightweight hollow bricks smashed into smaller pieces and mixed with a very lightweight concrete mix (I found some more gravel) is also up to the level that it should be. Another couple of days on this and the stonework will be done. I'll then have to turn my attention to fitting the guttering and then doing the pointing.

I'll be glad when it's finished because it really is driving me up the wall, but it needs to be done.

And what else? There was the working on the website of course this morning, and this evening down at the pub with Arno, Bill and Marianne. That was it, really.


  1. What will you do eventually with the breeze block corner. Lime based rendering or facing it with stones?

  2. rendering it with that pale yellow stuff that I used on the front of the lean-to

  3. It will look good. Are you going to put the window in next or do some pointing? We've a short dry spell forecast over here. maybe you will too.

    1. I'll be making the window myself out of a few scraps of planking - nothing complicated at all - and then just buying a pane of glass to fit.

      But I'll be cracking on with the pointing - that's the most urgent job.