Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well, I've finished ...

... the wall. Well, to be honest, of course I haven't. What I do mean to say is that all of the stonework and all of the infill has been done. There's still the pointing to do of course and that's not going to be the work of 5 minutes, I can tell you.

But there's a reason for it all being done today. That is that I didn't have any sleep at all last night - clearly my guilty conscience or something like that. Anyway at about 07:45 I was up and about breakfasting and then, seeing as how I couldn't concentrate on the web site, I went out and resumed work on the wall.

I had a lovely interruption for a couple of hours while Liz came round. She was after my blackberries and we also had a good old chinwag too. And after lunch, it was back up the wall.

I said that once the wall was finished I would knock off, no matter what the time. And that was what I did - although 18:54 represents only a 6-minute bonus.

And now I'm shattered so I'm off to bed

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