Monday, August 20, 2012

I went to sleep last night ...

... with the new electric fan still working. First time I've ever left the inverter running through the night. It clearly did the trick as this morning as it was quite overcast and there was even a hint of rain.

I'd had a decent night's sleep too for a change in this weather and I think that I might try this again tonight. And I'll need it too because the weather warmed up substantially again this afternoon.

All this afternoon I've been working on the wall again. 7 buckets went into it today and progress is being made, although you would hardly think so. Nevertheless in one corner I can actually now work off the floor and not on a ladder, and that should speed things up.

I had a visitor too - the young guy who rents the field at the back of the house came to check up on it. We had a chat and it seems that his response to my working in his field is that "well, it's your wall" - which is a nice pleasant change. In fact he told me that he didn't even mind my working there when his cows were there, although he did mention that they might knock me off my ladder. But I'm glad that I sorted that out anyway - for a start it means that I don't have to move everything out of the field in the evening.

Later on this year, I might even put up the scaffolding at the back of the house and finish off tidying the roof, seeing as he doesn't seem too bothered. Regular readers of this rubbish will recall that in 2009 we did the back of the roof by me hanging on to an overhanging ladder that was anchored to the apex of the roof.

There's a tiny window opening in the back wall and I've reached there, and peering in through the window it's definitely true - the back wall has been built in two parts - the outer and the inner. That makes me feel an awful lot better - if the outer does fall down, the inner will still be there. Mind you, after the amount of extra stones and mortar that has gone into this wall, there won't half be a row if it does fall down.

Apart from that, this morning I was on the computer - not doing the web site but doing the radio programmes. I'm way behind with them after yesterday and I need to catch up.

And while I was typing this, another bat flew into my attic - teach me to leave the doors and windows open, won't it? Luckily this one I managed to move on intact, not like the one from last year.

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