Sunday, August 19, 2012

There was so much that I wanted to do today ...

... but I ended up doing nothing at all this afternoon - and I mean nothing except spending most of my time sitting with a damp tea towel on my head.

The reason for that was that the temperature today reached an astonishing - unheard-of 44.7°C outside, and that must be a world record by anyone's standards. In my attic it reached almost 36°C and that is unsupportable. I ended up sitting on a chair downstairs amid the rubble. at least it was a cool, balmy 33°C down there.

But this really is ridiculous and it can't keep on going like this. Mind you, I understand now why they have four-hour siestas in mid-afternoon in Spain, and why many people from around the equator are said to be indolent. Well, I certainly was indolent today and if it carries on like this tomorrow I'll be doing even less. No-one can work in conditions like these.

This morning though we were out at Le Quartier for the pot d'acceuil this morning. We had the jazz band playing the music today and Lieneke was there with her flute. They played outside too but their sort of instruments are not the sort that blow away in the wind.

There was quite a crowd there too although some had turned up by accident - it seems that the mayor had not let everyone know that the do was on today. None of my friends from Le Quartier (Bill, François, to name just two) made it to the occasion.

But another thing today of note is that I haven't had a coffee. 29°C in my attic when I woke up and that's definitely NOT coffee weather. And that's quite a change for me, isn't it?


  1. It is currently 27.7C in my room and was 31.1 in my room earlier. I don't think 32 is that objectionable. The key is not to wear too much.

  2. And earlier in the year the hottest it got in my study (I rarely leave my study) was 36.1