Thursday, August 30, 2012

We had our first no-show today.

Yes, all the way out to Vergheas for our Wednesday walk but no punters showed up. That was sad.

Mind you, it was only to be expected, I suppose. There had been the walk here a few weeks ago - the good one that I had been on, and then the pilgrimage 10 days ago. I suppose that everyone is Vergheased out.

Mind you it was just as well because the sky was clouding over rapidly. We didn't want to hang around too long, but one thing that I did want to do was to see if I could find any remains of the old walls, seeing how Vergheas is an old (and I do mean old) fortified site. Anyway, after a good prowl around we found an earthen bank that looked like it might be artificial, overlooking the stream with a steep drop down, and the side of that was lined with dressed stonework.

On the way back to Pionsat the heavens opened and we had 6mm of rain and I can't say that I'm sad about that. We needed a good torrential downpour. I was going to carry on working when I arrived home but I went upstairs and crashed out instead.

This morning though I ws up early and met Rosemarie at Montaigut and we went in to Montlucon. She ordered her new window and I bought a load of stuff from Brico Depot and I was back here for 13:15 - plenty of time to put the final coat of paint on the new woodwork ready to fit it tomorrow.

And in other news, and a bit of malicious gossip, if the conversation that was reported to me means what a couple of people think that it might mean, no-one will be surprised if there's a tiny addition to our little expat community's population round about the start of the New Year.

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