Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Despite my really early night ...

... I somehow managed to sleep right through the alarms this morning and it was 09:22 when I finally heaved myself out of my stinking pit. It's been quite a while since I've done that, hasn't it.

It was raining too - which makes a nice change. Not for long, but long enough to put 100 litres or so into the water butts and I am grateful for that.

Despite this being a day where I was at home, I didn't do any pointing at all. I've done 75% of the painting of the woodwork for the window frames though - two coats on one side and one on the other - I'll have to do the second one on there before I fit it all in, and while I was waiting for the coats of paint to dry, I was doing other things.

 One thing that I did do was to dig up some carrots and pull some beans. Add them to the new potatoes, and then some cauliflower that I bought on Saturday, a veggie-burger fried with onion and then some vegan cheese sauce, it was absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful tea!

I also emptied Caliburn out so the back is empty. I'm taking Rosemarie to Brico Depot tomorrow and also to Lapeyre so I may well need the space. I need some more guttering and also some more glass, and I need a very narrow springy trowel to replace the one that I broke here on the wall.

Finally, I've been tidying up downstairs too looking for my mobile phone. I didn't find that but I did find the missing LED light strips, which has pleased me greatly. I've also thrown away about 1 big bin-liner full of rubbish - and there's plenty more to go at too.

That took me to 19:00 and then I knocked off. Montlucon tomorrow and then Thursday I can get cracking.


  1. Steady on Eric! If you keep tidying up you won't have lost anything before too much longer ;-)

  2. LOL - I'd give anything to be able to find the mobile phone :-(