Friday, August 31, 2012

What a way to start the day!

Yes, a phone call at 08:00 from Terry "I'm off to the quarry - do you want any sand?"

Well, I am rather low on the stocks and so at 08:30 I was at the end of the lane and we went off together. 2.5 tonnes of that went into Terry's huge trailer and then we shovelled 12 sacks - about half a tonne - into the back of Caliburn. I was back home by 09:30, soaking wet because we were having a storm at the time.

A few more hours on the web site - I'm currently walking around the walls of Québec right now (and did you know that Québec is the only walled city in the whole of America north of Mexico City?) and then outside to play.

Pascal came round with the Twingo and I had a play around to try to take out the dents in it but that wasn't any use - it's well bashed up and so after lunch I started on the guttering on the lean-to.

And not just started on the guttering either because there it is in all its glory, all finished.

No downpipes yet of course because I need to know the height of the water butts and all that kind of thing, but what there is on the guttering which you might just be able to see is that there is some of that fine gutter netting to keep out leaves and so on. I had a few rolls of that lying around and so I've fitted it over the guttering. That is where the cold water supply for the house will be coming from and so I need to keep it clean.

What you might also notice if you look very carefully is the reflection of the sky in the upper right-hand window. That's where I fitted the glass yesterday. I was going to fit some perspex in the other one but then I thought that as I'll be going into St Eloy tomorrow I may as well buy the real thing - waiting til Monday isn't going to hurt.

What's also significant about this photo is that it's taken with the Nikon D5000. You remember that it packed up when I was on that island relief boat in the Gulf of St Lawrence in May and I had to send it away to be repaired. Anyway, it came back this morning, much to my delight. It seems that there was a crack in the housing, and some water from the driving rainstorm that we were having when I was on that boat found its way inside. Strangely enough, I do recall when I was out on the Sageunay Fjord that the photos suddenly started to become woefully over-exposed. Maybe it was round about then that the crack occurred and the over-exposure would be due to the extra light finding its way in through the crack, bypassing the light meter.

I knocked off early today - 18:50 because I ran out of things to do that I could do in 10 minutes and anyway it's POETS day today as you all know. I'm going to take it easy this weekend and then start the repointing of the long wall on Monday. I'll finish this lean-to if it kills me.

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  1. So are you selling your other Nikon now? Might be an idea to keep it as a backup for if things go wrong again.