Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's hard to believe ...

... that not so long ago, I was up here in my attic melting away to nothing, totally unable to move with the heat. This evening, not two weeks later, there were about 150 of us shivering to death on the terraces of the football ground in Pionsat.

Yes, it's that time of the year again. The footy has restarted. We had a little competition between a few of the local sides followed by a friendly match between two veterans' XIs (some of whom could still crack it in the lower divisions) and we ended up with the final friendly of the season between Pionsat and Nord-Combraille. Pionsat won that encounter at something of a canter thanks to a blistering 3-minute spell midway through the second half when they stuck three into the Miners' net.

What was even more interesting was that Pionsat had no recognised striker on the field. Cedric wasn't there, and it appears that Jérome (who is probably the best player I have seen in Division One) and Thomas (who on his day is as good as anyone) have left the club. But there were two players out there new to the team, one of whom I've seen playing at Marcillat last season, who took the Miners apart and there was another guy called Rene, who I saw play once last season and who looked thoroughly unfit back then, who seems to have been working hard in close-season and ran the opposition ragged throughout the game.

What is even more interesting from my point of view is that my signboard is up, as you can see on the perimeter fencing. I'm something of a sponsor of the club, not in a big way of course, and that gives me the right to have a signboard. I don't expect that too much will come of it, but it's advertising all the same and no advertising is ever wasted.

Furthermore, it shows solidarity with the local community and that is also very important in my opinion. Participating in the community means that you are no longer an outsider and in my opinion, all ex-pats should make some kind of active participation in the community.

As for the weather, I closed all of the windows on Thursday evening which is just as well as the temperature has taken a dramatic plunge. Last night it bottomed out at 5.5°C, a far cry from nights that didn't drop below 30°C just 12 or so days ago.

What is even harder to believe is that despite it being Saturday, I've been working outside - on the lean-to in case you haven't guessed. This morning I wrote up the additional notes for the October radio programmes (I intend to be well ahead in the future) and then I went into St Eloy to do the shopping. I spent absolutely nothing extra although I did go into Cheze, the DiY place, and buy the glass that I needed (€4:80 - made me wonder why I bought that sheet of perspex in the week). I managed to bring the glass back without breaking it and then trying to find a safe place to put it until Monday, I reckoned in the end that the safest place to put it was into the frame. And hence the work on a Saturday.

Still, it's in now. One less job to do on Monday and I can have an extra 15 minutes in bed to compensate.

Tomorrow is Sunday, my first Sunday off for ages. And I'm going to have a lie-in and then do nothing all day. Just you watch someone ring me up at 10:00 and spoil it!

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