Sunday, September 2, 2012

One thing that makes me appreciate how lucky ...

... I am with my friends is that they appreciate and respect my little foibles and peccadilloes. Of course these days, nobody respects my little foibles quite like Percy Penguin, and then nothing like half as often as I would like, and as for my little peccadilloes, I bet that you didn't even know that armadilloes and peccaries could mate, never mind the fact that I might have some of the offspring.

But back to the plot - having rung me at 09:00 a couple of Sundays ago, someone must have had a quiet word with Rosemarie because it was at 12:30 this afternoon that she phoned me. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter how you wrap it up, it still comes as a hell of a surprise, if not a disappointment, when you yourself are still wrapped up in the arms of Morpheus in your comfy little bed.

So after my rude awakening any my breakfast, I turned out a corner of my room here - the corner which was the likeliest to be the hiding place of my mobile phone. No such luck with the phone, as I was half-expecting, but I did find another pile of missing stuff - something that always happens and something that is always a great comfort to me. I've also rearranged a few things over there, put the printer in a permanent home, and sorted out all of the stationery too.

after lunch, by which time I mean about 17:30, I assembed the desk-on-wheels thing that I bought, and that was no mean feat as the instructions for that were wrong too and I had to work it out myself. It's quite a nice piece of furniture, excellent value for €19:99. I'm well-happy with this for a purchase. I've loaded everything onto it now and it works quite well. The downside of it all is that I seem now to have lost the remote control.

So that's the sum total of my day. I'm off now to have an early night to catch up my beauty sleep. I need an enormous amount of that.

That was

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