Monday, September 3, 2012

I didn't start the pointing today ...

... and I wouldn't be doing any tomorrow save for Rosemarie coming round for a lesson (talk about the blind leading the blind!) because I was rather side-tracked this afternoon.

And so I was this morning. I made a good start though thanks to my really early night last night (in bed well before midnight) and I had a good crack at the web site. With not being on long enough last night to charge the computer though, the battery went quickly flat and when I switched on the inverter to charge up the machine, the internet came on and my friend Marianne from Belgium was on line. So we ended up chatting for an hour or so seeing as we haven't seen each other on line for months.

But this afternoon, doing the pointing means of course lowering the scaffolding and I remembered that the wind turbine that I put on the side of the house in the early spring is only wired in temporarily. If I move the scaffolding that will be that and it won't be long before the old manky wire that is there, exposed to the atmosphere, rots away.

Consequently I set to to run some decent 2.5mm wire through some flexible conduit, and to install a junction box under the eaves for the second wind turbine that will one day be installed on the other side of the house. And while I was up the ladder under the eaves it occurred to me to fit a light under the eaves, as planned, that works off the dusk/dawn sensor and which will light up the front door and down the side of the house to the door to the lean-to.

And as I was running that wire through the conduit, it occurred to me that it ight be a good idea to put a light under the eaves at the other end of the front of the house to light up the door to the verandah, so I ran more wire through another conduit.

Net result - the wire is ready to wire up the wind turbine but I'll wait until Rosemarie is here before I do that. I'm going to have to be something of an acrobat and on a ladder that is hanging on a roof, I'd rather there was someone here to call the ambulance. One of the lights, that over the front door and the lean-to, is installed and when I came back from PIonsat tonight (it's the Anglo-French club's meeting) it was doing exactly what it was supposed to, and doing it quite efficiently too. Not that 1 watt of LED power is going to light up much, but I could certainly move around without a torch and that is what is the aim.

So an early start tomorrow to steam-clean the verandah seeing as how I'll be having visitors. I might even clean some more in here too - you never know. I bet I still won't find my mobile phone though. I haven't a clue where that might be.


  1. Have you looked under the seat in caliburn? I ask because there's a black hole under car seats that traps all sorts of stuff in it's event horizon. It's a larger one than occurs down the back of sofa/chair cushions too. If it's not there then undoubtedly the little people have got it ;-)

  2. It's definitely in the house somewhere because I heard it chime in the distance when the battery went flat.

  3. Ah... Have you launched a manhunt for the borrowers yet?

  4. Which room were you in when it chimed? Did it sound as if it was inside the room or outside it? Either way you can eliminate either one room or know that that's the most likely to search.

  5. PERSONhunt please! And it was outside the attic and probably below, but I'm afraid that that isn't much help. You've never seen my house here :-(