Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I haven't been on ...

... my website for the last couple of days. The footy has now started and so I've been redesigning the footy website and doing the pages for the first two matches. Those pages are now on line so that's something accomplished.

So this afternoon, in between the rain spots, I've been driving myself up the wall again. I've got down to the bottom on part of the wall at long last and I need to reach the bottom on the other bit that I'm working on, which should be lunchtime or thereabouts tomorrow if I put my mind to it and have a good start. Then I can start on the other half of the wall. But anyway, banging a few of these oversize stones in really tight seems to have helped the wall settle, although of course the proof of the pudding ...

In other news, never mind the temperature, I have all of the windows closed tight and I'm wearing a sweater. The temperature has collapsed and winter is on its way. Tomorrow I'll have to start wearing clothes underneath my overalls and won't that be a novelty?

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