Thursday, September 13, 2012

I thought for a moment this morning ...

... that I was going to be in for a session of working inside - for the first time for I don't know how many months. I woke up nice and early after my very early night to hear the gentle pit-a-pat of rain on the windows in the roof.

And having had a good morning's work on the website for a change just recently (I'm now at the old arsenal), right on cue at 12:30 the rain stopped, so I went outside to work;

Dodging the occasional rainshowers, I've finished off the one half of the long wall of the lean-to, right down to, and in fact below the level of the ground as I've dug a trench about 6 inches deep and sealed the wall down there too. Hammering stones into the gaps until they are thoroughly and tightly in is definitely the way to go, as the hairline cracks that are appearing are now running horizontally. Obviously this wedging of the gaps is holding the walls upright.

But now I've started on the second half of the long wall - the last bit to do. It's not going to be finished by the weekend, or anything like it unfortunately But there's still two and a half weeks before I have to decide if (notice the "if" rather than the "when" - that's a disappointment) I'm going away for a while in October.

I'm rather pleased with the overhang that I built into the roof. Two reasons that I did it really - firstly I didn't fancy cutting the long sheets of plywood, but secondly, I wanted to keep the rain as far away from the foot of the wall as possible so that the damp doesn't soak up into the walls from below. That seems to work, anyway. The ground was bone-dry about 15 inches from the wall which was exactly what I wanted.

So I'll sit here and recover for a while and then go to bed. Once more unto the breach tomorrow and then it's weekend.

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