Friday, September 14, 2012

I was out ...

... on the scaffolding working until 19:30 this evening and that's a surprise, especially as seeing that it's Friday - or POETS Day today. Normally, if I'm out working after 19:00 it's because I've been carried away by something that I'm doing, to the extent that I've lost all track of time. But not this evening. I was well-aware of what time it was but this wall isn't ever going to be finished if I don't put more effort into it. Hence the extra bucket of mortar that I mixed after hours.

There's no possibility of it being finished by the already-extended date of Tuesday, but I'll try to have it done by next weekend.

I was working round by where the wall collapsed and I fitted the window instead. That is really sad around there and needs some careful attention

One thing though, that checking on the stuff on the other half of the wall that I've already finished, ramming these larger stones into the gaps with a sledgehammer seems to be the way to go as the vertical cracks haven't developed at all - the rammed stones are holding everything up in tension.

This morning though I made rapid progress on the website and I've now finished the walk along the city walls of Québec - the only walled city in the whole of the Americas north of Mexico City. Tomorrow I'll make a start on the walk around the town.

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