Saturday, September 15, 2012

I found something spectacular ...

... in LIDL this afternoon. Rummaging around, like you do ... "like YOU do" - ed ... I noticed several twin-packs of LED light strips. About a foot long, they consist of about 12 tiny LEDs and consume just 1 watt of electricity. They are 12-volt and come complete with tiny mains transformer and little movement-detector.

I've been looking for something to use as strip lights in the kitchen whenever it might be that I start it, and also for the bathroom over the sink and the bedroom over the dressing table. You can buy 12-volt flourescents and indeed I have a few here, but they take about 7 watts and they are big, bulky things.

So I duly bought a pack and brought it home, and after cutting a few wires and so on, I gave it a try. And blimey! for just 1 watt, that's incredibly bright. Now I have to go and help Rosemarie on Monday morning so I'm going via LIDL at St Eloy and I'll buy the rest of the stock of those lights. That's another problem solved. Good old LIDL, hey?

There was also a sale on at Cheze - everything in the shop 20% off today. Now I have a few decent tools lying around here that don't have handles, like a rake, a sledgehammer and a binette - that kind of thing, and so I popped in there today. So that's something else organised. I also bumped into Bill and so we went for a coffee and a natter.

This morning I sorted out the radio programmes for the rock shows that I do. I'm not up to November, with records selected and scripts typed and so that will keep me out of mischief for a while. And then back home after the shops, I went through the SD cards and copied their contents onto DVD - something that I've been meaning to do for quite a while.

And I'm supposed to take it easy at the weekend. Phew!  


  1. I hope they have some left by Monday.

    1. so do I - I need at least 3 packets of them, four for the kitchen, one for the bathroom and one for the bedroom.

  2. Yes. I am familiar with those LED light strips. There were some in a kitchen I used to use. Very bright and ideal for a lot of recessed lighting. I have also seen LED rope lighting that might interest you.

  3. I've even seen solar-powered rope lighting. Handy if you want to light your walkways outside your house so you can get to the outhouse. Try ebay and amazon.