Sunday, September 16, 2012

Having lost ...

... my mobile phone about a month ago, it's the turn of the dictaphone to go missing now. I picked it up off the floor here and I'm convinced that I put it in my pocket, but when I arrived at Servant, it wasn't there. No idea where it's gone.

And while I was scrabbling around in Caliburn looking for it, I missed Pionsat's opening goal. Playing in the League Cup today against their Division 3 opponents, and featuring half of the 2nd XI, they cantered to a leisurely 4-1 win without at any time looking under any kind of pressure, and missing two or three sitters on the way. But, uncomfortably, they didn't look all that convincing either. Last season, they would have demolished a team like this without any trouble at all.

Apart from that, all I seem to have done today is to back up my photographs onto DVD. I keep an external drive with the photos on, and also a portable drive. But I've also been copying them to DVD every time I have a fill SD card, but I've not done that since the second half of 2009 so there are thousands - and I mean thousands - to do. It's not helped either by the fact that the DVD writer is a little old and creaky and needs a long rest after each session and that also some of the DVDs I have here are corrupted - flood damage by the looks of things.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off in the morning helping Rosemarie with a furniture delivery. I've swapped that for half a day's work in my garden. It's the only way that any weeding is going to be done in the near future. 

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